Woman In Triangles, by Frantisek Kupka. 1909. (via noonesnemesis)

Woman In Triangles, by Frantisek Kupka. 1909. (via noonesnemesis)

I could teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone.

I could teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone.

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Song of the Day: Rev. 20:22 | Puscifer.

Will you see me again?

"Even he would martyr his momma to ride to hell between those thighs. The pressure is building, at the base of my spine. If I gotta sin to see her again, then I’m gonna lie, lie, lie."

Song of the Day: Slow | Rumer.

Release the inner coquette. Because I deserve to be girlie every once in a while. 

“‘Cause if it’s you, I will disarm you.”

Meet Draco. :) 

Meet Draco. :) 

DreamKilla | Frank Ocean

"Tomorrow’s a rolling stone that won’t be home."

Song of the Day: She Don’t Wanna Man (Feat. Keri Hilson) | Asher Roth.

When things get to be too much, I seek refuge in a couple of ways. One way is dance. Today I hit the studio, put my iPod on genius mode, and danced for hours. The last song that came on was She Don’t Wanna Man. And you know what, things just fell into place. 

[P.S. — I’ll always love the white rapper Roth.]

It’s been a while, Tumblr.

There’s been a major lack of posts lately [and because I know you’re dying to know], I’ll explain why.

I just got back home from a 9-day vacation to Hawaii last week. It was incredible and exactly what I needed after a long year of hard work at school and my workplace. The sights, sounds, and smells were unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It was 100% relaxing and 100% beautiful. Expect an individual Travel blog about my trip in the near future. :-)

The week after my trip was a completely different story. For the sake of my privacy (usually as a rule of thumb, I prefer not to blog/tweet about work), I won’t go into detail about what happened. Long story short, it was enough to set off the spark that would eventually burn down my fuse. It gets worse.

I’ve always sort of tried to mentally prepare myself for the day my ex would come back into my life. But to add insult to injury, he came at one of my most vulnerable moments. To tell you the truth, it was one of those unexpected bombs that can break a girl’s spirit. I’ll be the first one to admit that I have love for him (somewhere deep in my heart), but I never wanted to encounter him again. There have been days where he’d meander through my thoughts and I’d wonder who he’d been dating or what he’d been up to. But nothing powerful enough to make me seek him out. But last week, he sought me out. Told me everything. Why he cheated. The most hurtful words a girl could ever hear. Told me he needed me back. Told me I was his road to clarity. Told you it was a bomb [Sidenote: Just to clarify, you can’t use me to find your clarity, boy].

Anyway. I heard him out. Tried to rationalize. Then I threw my temper tantrum [I tried to be as genuine and logical as possible]. But every woman has a breaking point. And that was mine. 

I’m recovered now. The bomb squad has come in and rescued my heart! Broken, but slowly healing. And taking the proper actions. Mostly writing. And I love it. 

So here we are, Tumblr. Re-united. And it feels nice to be back.

Want so bad it hurts.
Details Magazine, 2011 (via fuckyeahthankgodforbeef)

Want so bad it hurts.

Details Magazine, 2011 (via fuckyeahthankgodforbeef)


We’ve all had those days.


We’ve all had those days.

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